Unintentional Broken Promises...

I know I made a promise to keep my blogging up to date atleast weekly but this time it was NOT my fault.  The 'husband' was surfing for porn, when he should have been watching the kids, and got a nasty virus on my computer.  Can I tell you how excited I was to see naked women doing God only knows what the next morning?  YUCK!!!  So that is the reasoning behind my loooong absense, I finally got around to removing the STD and while I was using my phone for everything internet related I couldn't bring myself to use it to blog...I'm certain my eyes would've gone crossed. 

A brief rundown on what you've missed.  McCreepy is no longer a problem, he's still creepy and I have to see him but atleast I don't have to talk to him and I've got a few people running interference for me.  Brayden's birthday is just around the corner and I have yet to plan anything but that's no surprise since I forget even my own birthday.  He's started t-ball this past weekend and in his words he's "awesome" and who am I to discourage that?  Landon is still my quirky Landon.  I don't even have to words for him, he's been making me laugh more than I can possibly imagine.  I'm working on getting him into his VPK program for the fall but I keep forgetting whoops.  I've decided to hold him back for kindergarten for now although I haven't talked to the husband about it yet so he may disagree but I don't think he will.  He's much more immature than Brayden was at this age and since he's got a late July birthday I believe he'd do much better as the older kid in school.  I'm sure it'll give him an edge when it comes to sports and academics not to mention I have tiny children and an extra year of growing couldn't hurt!  Now my little Kylan, he's probably the laziest baby I've ever seen but thankfully he's got such a sweet disposition that I don't even care.  He is doing his own version of crawling that I can best describe as an inch worm.  He never has eaten baby food but I can't blame him because its gross.  He's loving ALL table food.  I haven't found a meal that he hasn't enjoyed from BBQ to house salads he loves it all.  He's saying "DaDa", "MaMa" and "NighNigh" when he's sleepy.  I'm almost certain he's saying "Hey" instead of Hi but I need to pay better attention to be sure.

So mix in a few colds and stomach bugs and that's been our lives for the last few months.  M and I are working through the legal things now so hopefully everything will be overwith soon.  And I'll try to get some new pictures up but I need to find my camera chager first, I know as soon as I buy another it'll show up and I refuse to give Canon the satisfaction.  Oh, and I have purple hair now...in places.

That is all.

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