Peek A Boo....

I see wait, you finally see me!! 

I realize its been eleventy billion months since I've posted anything on the blog.  All of my children have had birthdays, I have had a birthday AND my divorce was final.  I would apologize for the lack of info given but I'm really not that sorry, I'm a busy lady for crying out loud!

All of that pales in comparison to the fact that last night I booked FOUR vacations for me and the three coolest men in my life.  And to make it even better...those four vacations I booked for freeEEEEeeee.  I have to sing it because it makes me that happy.  Three different trips to Orlando and a weekend in Cocoa Beach.  How is it I am getting these free hotels you ask? for Hilton!  I found out the easiest way to make some money and not have to spend a lot in childcare is to work from home.  Sure, its mindless work and extremely boring but the perks make it completely worth it!  Its kind of perfect if you think about it...I spend a good part of the day talking to strangers and making them fall in love with me so they give me money and I can make them happy by giving them a place to sleep.  Brilliant!! 

Now, I'm off to convince the X that the best Christmas gift for our big boys is Disney passes.  I have a feeling it won't go over too well (since we all know how he feels about his money...blah) but it doesn't hurt to try.  I have every intention of coming back in the next few days (read: weeks) and give some new pictures of the boys and maybe a real update but this is all you get for now.  

Goodbye my sweets!!

11 Months...


Kylan is now 11 months old and its seems like its flying by. 

He can crawl, finally, using the traditional form but he prefers an "inch-worm" technique...just picture Michael Phelps trying to do the breast stroke on land. 

He eats pretty much anything you put in front of him as long as its not baby food.

He's pulling up to his knees, sometimes to full standing but I'm NOT encouraging it at all.

His crib has been completely lowered because he decided that it would be a fun idea to attempt to jump out of the side...he succeeded in scaring the bejesus out of me and himself.  He's safe and sound in his baby cage now.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures since my camera battery is dead but here is one courtesy of my friend David this past weekend.  It pretty much shows off all his sweetness.

Yes, that is chocolate frosting you see on his face...he LOVED it, especially when it was paired with a glazed donut!

Happy Birthday Brayden!!

6 years ago today a wonderful little man came into this world and changed my life forever.  I've watched you grow, learn and mature over the years and you always amaze me.  You are hands down the most stubborn and dramatic child I've ever met no idea where you get this from..must be the daddy but you also have a heart of gold.  You're such an encourager to everyone around you and always bring such joy into our lives.  I'm proud to call you my son.  You are such a blessing and I thank God everyday that He's chosen me to be your mom. 

I love you Brayden.  Happy Birthday my sweet little man!!

Unintentional Broken Promises...

I know I made a promise to keep my blogging up to date atleast weekly but this time it was NOT my fault.  The 'husband' was surfing for porn, when he should have been watching the kids, and got a nasty virus on my computer.  Can I tell you how excited I was to see naked women doing God only knows what the next morning?  YUCK!!!  So that is the reasoning behind my loooong absense, I finally got around to removing the STD and while I was using my phone for everything internet related I couldn't bring myself to use it to blog...I'm certain my eyes would've gone crossed. 

A brief rundown on what you've missed.  McCreepy is no longer a problem, he's still creepy and I have to see him but atleast I don't have to talk to him and I've got a few people running interference for me.  Brayden's birthday is just around the corner and I have yet to plan anything but that's no surprise since I forget even my own birthday.  He's started t-ball this past weekend and in his words he's "awesome" and who am I to discourage that?  Landon is still my quirky Landon.  I don't even have to words for him, he's been making me laugh more than I can possibly imagine.  I'm working on getting him into his VPK program for the fall but I keep forgetting whoops.  I've decided to hold him back for kindergarten for now although I haven't talked to the husband about it yet so he may disagree but I don't think he will.  He's much more immature than Brayden was at this age and since he's got a late July birthday I believe he'd do much better as the older kid in school.  I'm sure it'll give him an edge when it comes to sports and academics not to mention I have tiny children and an extra year of growing couldn't hurt!  Now my little Kylan, he's probably the laziest baby I've ever seen but thankfully he's got such a sweet disposition that I don't even care.  He is doing his own version of crawling that I can best describe as an inch worm.  He never has eaten baby food but I can't blame him because its gross.  He's loving ALL table food.  I haven't found a meal that he hasn't enjoyed from BBQ to house salads he loves it all.  He's saying "DaDa", "MaMa" and "NighNigh" when he's sleepy.  I'm almost certain he's saying "Hey" instead of Hi but I need to pay better attention to be sure.

So mix in a few colds and stomach bugs and that's been our lives for the last few months.  M and I are working through the legal things now so hopefully everything will be overwith soon.  And I'll try to get some new pictures up but I need to find my camera chager first, I know as soon as I buy another it'll show up and I refuse to give Canon the satisfaction.  Oh, and I have purple hair places.

That is all.


So I've been going to a class at my church called Divore Care. Its a support group for people going through a divorce or separation. Well, I went out with a group of them to a big concert and had a blast. The next day I get a text from Barbara, a woman in the group who organizes all the outings, and she was asking me if it was okay to give my number to "McCreepy" because he had some legal questions about mediation. So I told her it was okay. The next day I get a call from "McCreepy" and it was an extremely awkward message on my voicemail. I called him back to see what questions he had but he said he had to apologize to me first. He said the he got my phone number by lying to Barbara. He really just wanted to know if I wanted to go out for coffee sometime or a bite to eat. (First of all, this guy is 17 years older than me, fat and has a very angry NOT my type!!) I told him that "I'm still married and so I don't date. Even if I was divorced I'm still NOT dating since I'm not ready for that yet." He seemed to understand since I told him that I'll only do coffee/dinner in a group setting.

The NEXT day I get a text from him saying "Hey pretty lady...How was your day?" UGH!!! I felt so icky in my skin!!!! I told him I was busy with my kids and then he texted me back asking if I had any free time on my calendar to meet up?!?! Seriously???? So I never said anything back to him. The next day I get a phone call and voice mail from him saying "I never heard back from you or anything. If its not okay for me to text/call you just let me know, I'm a big boy blah blah blah" AGAIN I'm puking in my mouth here!! So I waited a few hours and sent him a very long winded text mesg. Basically it was "You make me feel uncomfortable, I don't want any dating or intimate friendship with ANY man! I don't trust men for good reason." I get a text back saying "Well, maybe I can be the man you trust, Let me know if you change your mind" 

A week ago I found out that not only is this guy stupid and can't accept what I'm saying...Nope, he's a freaking criminal too!! He's been arrested 4 times in less than 10 years!! The most recent being Jan. 29, 2009 for domestic violence AND battery...the vicitim was not his wife!! And it was a second offense! The other two charges were for grand theft via forgery! So he basically stole someone's checks or credit card to steal their money. Wonderful.

I would insert an image of said creepster but since this blog is public I'm NOT doing that.  One of the hardest things about this situation besides the obvious is that this guy is a brand new Christian...when I say brand new I mean today I think he is a two or three week old Christian.  So I'm trying to be nice because I don't want to send him away from the church if he is in fact making a change but at the same time I spend 90% of my time alone with my kids and I need to protect them and myself. 

Hmmmm, is it difficult to get a gun permit?

Waiting For Santa

My sweet SWEET lovey...

Everytime I look at this it melts my heart.

7 Months

I know I missed the the 6 month post but I'm okay with that since I've been a tad busy with dealing with a douche bag life.  But here is a list of my what my handsome 7 month old little boy can do or attempt to do...

We've attempted solids again...FAIL.  He still hates it and I like having easier diapers to clean.

He attempts to sit up on his own...FAIL. He tips right over after about 20-30 seconds, but its cute to watch.

He attempts to crawl but he can't seem to go forward...FAIL.

He's trying to get teeth for 3 months now but has none...FAIL.

He's sleeping through the night.

He's perfectly happy laying on the floor being entertained by a toy near by or a mommy/big brother.

He is at his 6 month check up 16 pounds and 27 inches and hanging in by the 25% just like his brothers.

My sweet and loving little boy has been such a joy to all of our lives since the day he blessed us with his presence.  He adores us just as much as we do him.  We can't imagine our lives without him.
He's such a joy. 

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