Peek A Boo....

I see wait, you finally see me!! 

I realize its been eleventy billion months since I've posted anything on the blog.  All of my children have had birthdays, I have had a birthday AND my divorce was final.  I would apologize for the lack of info given but I'm really not that sorry, I'm a busy lady for crying out loud!

All of that pales in comparison to the fact that last night I booked FOUR vacations for me and the three coolest men in my life.  And to make it even better...those four vacations I booked for freeEEEEeeee.  I have to sing it because it makes me that happy.  Three different trips to Orlando and a weekend in Cocoa Beach.  How is it I am getting these free hotels you ask? for Hilton!  I found out the easiest way to make some money and not have to spend a lot in childcare is to work from home.  Sure, its mindless work and extremely boring but the perks make it completely worth it!  Its kind of perfect if you think about it...I spend a good part of the day talking to strangers and making them fall in love with me so they give me money and I can make them happy by giving them a place to sleep.  Brilliant!! 

Now, I'm off to convince the X that the best Christmas gift for our big boys is Disney passes.  I have a feeling it won't go over too well (since we all know how he feels about his money...blah) but it doesn't hurt to try.  I have every intention of coming back in the next few days (read: weeks) and give some new pictures of the boys and maybe a real update but this is all you get for now.  

Goodbye my sweets!!

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