No Pets in Our Future

The kids and I went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner last night. We had a great time with homemade spaghetti and gingerbread man cookies for the kids. It was so much fun. Sandy and Mitchell happen to have a cat. We never once saw the cat, touched the cat, smelled a cat. Their house is spotless. Now I just don't understand how in the world my son could end up looking like this.


Yes, I know it looks bad. The poor kid's eyes were almost swollen shut when we left, he was sneezing uncontrollably and he could barely breathe. As you can see he was one giant hive and completely miserable. We ended up only staying for an hour and a half, I don't even want to think what he may have looked like had we stayed longer. :(

After a hefty dose of Benedryl the redness went away. But even this morning he was still all puffy around his right eye which stinks because today was his picture day at school. I doubt we'll be purchasing any this year unless its just for the story.


First Day with Ethan

Our first day was yesterday and it went great! Ethan walked in like he owned the place and sat quietly with me while we waited for Brayden and Landon to wake up. Then we all enjoyed a nice breakfast together and then set off to take Brayden to school. He is such a good listener and very compliant (something I'm not always used to with my monkeys).
We came home had some fun time coloring and having a dance party. Matt was nice enough to pick Brayden up for me since he had the day off so Landon, Ethan and I ate a nice lunch and then they went down for a nap. Ethan took a solid 2 hour nap and Landon slept for 3.
After everyone was up we played and the boys wrestled and then it was time for Ethan to go home....Landon was very sad and cried for quite a while that his friend had left. Hopefully he'll adjust to the fact that Ethan doesn't live here.

Our Tubing Adventure

I wish I had pictures to go with this post but I'm sure we would've lost the camera in the lake!

We went to the lake to celebrate Cade's 6th birthday. We went swimming in the pool and then decided to head down to the lake. Brayden surprising enough decided he wanted to go tubing. Since this was his first time Kelly decided to take it easy on him. He did so great and didn't fall off until the very end! He was having a blast and I could hear him laughing across the water. Afterwards he did say that he was done with tubing! haha!!

Once Brayden was back on dry land Elsa and I decided that we'd give it a try as well. Kelly was not as nice to us as he was to the kids. He was throwing us into the wake every chance he got. I flew off a solid 3 times, but it was so much fun. My body is aching right now from the whole ordeal but atleast we all had a good time.

Remind me to never go tubing again though. ;)


I was looking through some of my old pictures today while Matt was playing with the boys. Its so amazing how big they've gotten and how fast the time has gone by. Here's a few pictures just to take you back.

My baby is two already and chasing after Brayden in everything he does. And Brayden just swears he's going on 20! I can't believe they're so grown up and what little men they're becoming everyday.

The happy go lucky Landon we all love.


And we can't forget the famous Brayden scowl.


God is so good!

Obviously everyone has been affected by the decline in the nation's economy and we're not different. I've felt more and more over the last few months that I need to try and help Matt by contributing to the income but of course its difficult with the boys and his schedule.
An opportunity had come up to care for a friend's little girl two days a week that sounded fantastic and would help to supplement the income I was losing from the church. Unfortunately it fell through a few weeks ago which left me right back at square one. I looked into several different options and faxed my resume to different companies hoping for a bite.
On Monday night I was really wondering if I was following God's will or not since every door I came to seemed to be closing so of course I was searching for that window that He was going to open. I came home from work at the church to an email in my junk folder from a woman at church needing childcare. My jaw hit the floor as I realized that only God could've made this happen. Its the perfect opportunity to care for a little boy the same age as Landon and to top it off they're already friends and I've been his teacher for the last several months at church!
After talking with his mom and working out some details it seemed like the perfect match so it just came to prayer and waiting to see if this was going to be the best situation. I was hoping God wasn't giving me the "pump-fake", assuming God is a football fan, since it just had God's fingerprints all over it. And I talked to the Mom last night and ironed out all the last details to bring this little boy to our home during the day so she can work. I just know that this is going to be a great match for my boys!

Getting to the truth

So I pick Brayden up from school and we have the usual conversation. "How was school?" "Good." "What did you learn?" "I don't know." etc. Well Brayden informs me that he doesn't like his teacher. I thought I was playing 20 questions getting to the root of the problem. Here's how the talk went.

M- Why don't you like your teacher?
B- I don't know.
M- Isn't she nice?
B- Yeah, she's nice...but I don't like her.
M- Isn't she pretty?
B- Yep she's pretty, but I don't like her.
M- Isn't she fun?
B- Yeah she's fun...but I still don't like her.
B- Miss Dianna is mean!
M- Why is Miss Dianna mean? What happened?
B- She put me in timeout.

(finally the truth starts to come out...)

M- Well, why did you go to time out?
B- Because I made a mess.
M- Why did you make a mess? Mess with what?
B- I made a mess playing with the toys.
M- Well why did you get a time out for playing with the toys?
B- Well (long pause) because is wasn't play time. :(
B- But I wasn't by myself in time out, Landon was with me....but we weren't allowed to talk.

(I'm trying not to crack up at this point)

M- So what did you learn from this then?
B- Obey the first time, and only play at play time.

Oh my, oh my. If this is how everyday is going to be just shoot me now. Atleast he's been lining up with his class and walking in with no problems for the last two days so that is a great improvement.

School Days

Well here I am trying my hand at this whole blogging thing, not that I ever said I wouldn't just giving it a go now.

Sooo. Brayden started school this week. I've been dreading it for months now but to my surprise I wasn't too sad to see him go. Monday morning went off without a hitch. He couldn't stop smiling and wanted to take pictures of him with everything school related. He had to pose with his breakfast, bag of school supplies, backpack, and last but certainly not least...his rubber snakes. All this before we even left for the drive to school!!




The drive to school was the hardest for me. I had to restrain myself at every median and stop light to not turn around and take him back home with me. He strolled into the school like he owned the place. He was so proud of himself. He just had to have his picture taken with Landon against the wall like the big kids were doing. Brayden walked into class with no problem at all. He was excited to start his day and go through all the different centers.

The school



This is Brayden's new friend Seth here in the background...I think he was having an "emo" morning.


He was very excited to be picked up. He immediately ran up and gave me a giant bear hug and told me how great his first day was. Then he and Landon started looking for alligators in the sewer grate. (this has also become an everyday occurrence)


Now fast forward to the end of the week and he's completely over going to school. He tells me that he doesn't want to go to school anymore and now he's the biggest manipulative staller when it comes to drop off time. Completely driving me insane!! I figured this would happen but I'd hoped that the novelty of school would last at least a couple of weeks. Well, tomorrow is the end of week one and a little birdie told me about a treasure chest with chocolate in needless to say he's psyched to have the treat tomorrow, and of course Matt has a special lunch planned for him also.

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