Our Tubing Adventure

I wish I had pictures to go with this post but I'm sure we would've lost the camera in the lake!

We went to the lake to celebrate Cade's 6th birthday. We went swimming in the pool and then decided to head down to the lake. Brayden surprising enough decided he wanted to go tubing. Since this was his first time Kelly decided to take it easy on him. He did so great and didn't fall off until the very end! He was having a blast and I could hear him laughing across the water. Afterwards he did say that he was done with tubing! haha!!

Once Brayden was back on dry land Elsa and I decided that we'd give it a try as well. Kelly was not as nice to us as he was to the kids. He was throwing us into the wake every chance he got. I flew off a solid 3 times, but it was so much fun. My body is aching right now from the whole ordeal but atleast we all had a good time.

Remind me to never go tubing again though. ;)


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