Pregnancy Update

I went to the doctor again yesterday and without me even mentioning it he automatically started talking inductions!! YAY! He (along with dad and Matt) are concerned with fast labors and scheduling with other little kids hanging around. Things are progressing nicely right now (I'll spare the tmi details) and its just a matter of time. I'm waiting on a call from either the hospital or doctor's office on the exact induction date right now. We're looking at possibly the 20th or 21st of May which is only TWO weeks away!! Although he wasn't sure I would even make it that far given history. We had a long talk that May is just not a convienant time to have a baby atleast the end of May since there's so much wrapping up at school and church. Hopefully the timing will work out for everyone's schedule since many are stepping up to help out, not to mention Matt is on call this month too. Ugh...too much work to have babies. :(


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