Quikie Update on Life

So I haven't updated on the Matt situation lately mainly because there hasn't been much to update. I told him that I don't think its possible to work on our marriage if we're living in separate places. While I'm not completely comfortable with living in the same house with him, I also know that the more that he's away and I'm carrying the load of full time parent on my own is only going to make me resent him even more and I don't like or want to be an angry and bitter person. His response was that he doesn't want to move everything back here just to have to move it all out if things don't work out. *eye roll* I take that as he's expecting things to fail without really trying especially since there isn't a single thing at his apartment that I need or even want!! Except maybe some of my bake ware that he swiped!! In a different turn of events, while I've lived cable free for the last several months he's decided that he can't live without it and ordered cable for MY house where he isn't even living?? Random? Yeah it is. I'm hoping for a holiday family time with him and all the boys to get some time to talk one on one, preferably during nap time when the kids can't hear...So that's my "drama" update.
Now, onto my more normal life updates.....
Brayden is thoroughly enjoying kindergarten and is finally adjusting to the loooong days. I'm loving the times that he's gone. My stress level has gone down tremendously and everyday at 3pm I start to get excited to pick him up. I love that I actually have a chance to miss him!! I miss him terribly but its a sweet reunion that I get to have daily. He's making new friends and is always appreciating his time home with all of us now. And he "conveniently" forgets his lunchbox at school so he an eat lunch room food. I think its gross but he doesn't.
Landon has been a sad little puppy lately. He's missing his buddy and it shows. He's even gone back to taking a mini morning nap since his favorite playmate is gone all day. He's doing well with potty training. School starting was a minor set back, he was peeing left and right for no reason in his undies, but he's getting back to normal. Funny side note of accidents, poor guy had an accident at church on Thursday night so they changed him into the shorts that were in the bag. I'm pleased to announce that my darling 3 year old can still fit comfortably into 3-6 month shorts!!
Kylan, my sweet little surprise, has been rolling himself over a bit more frequently now. Not just because he's pissed that I didn't pick him up quick enough. Belly to back and back to belly...he's growing up way too fast. I've been trying to avoid solids at all costs with him since I didn't see the need to start. He sleeps great but now, even after a very full nursing session, he's smacking is lips and wanting to eat more. This makes me so sad. I didn't want to start any food until he was six months old and not because of food allergies since they don't run in our families and I haven't adjusted my diet one bit and he's been fine but because I really REALLY don't want to clean that poop out of my diapers.
For me, nothing to report. I'm thankful that all the hours at work have picked up and I'm also taking a class this semester. I haven't taken one in well over three years when I was pregnant with Landon. Not only do I get to work on my on walk with my Maker but I also get real grown up conversation and at least a two hour break from all my kiddies one night a week. So needed and necessary!! I'm also helping my MIL to organize her craft room and in return she's teaching me how to sew. I'm pretty psyched about it, I've been wanting to learn for a long time.


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