7 Months

I know I missed the the 6 month post but I'm okay with that since I've been a tad busy with dealing with a douche bag life.  But here is a list of my what my handsome 7 month old little boy can do or attempt to do...

We've attempted solids again...FAIL.  He still hates it and I like having easier diapers to clean.

He attempts to sit up on his own...FAIL. He tips right over after about 20-30 seconds, but its cute to watch.

He attempts to crawl but he can't seem to go forward...FAIL.

He's trying to get teeth for 3 months now but has none...FAIL.

He's sleeping through the night.

He's perfectly happy laying on the floor being entertained by a toy near by or a mommy/big brother.

He is at his 6 month check up 16 pounds and 27 inches and hanging in by the 25% just like his brothers.

My sweet and loving little boy has been such a joy to all of our lives since the day he blessed us with his presence.  He adores us just as much as we do him.  We can't imagine our lives without him.
He's such a joy. 


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