So I've been going to a class at my church called Divore Care. Its a support group for people going through a divorce or separation. Well, I went out with a group of them to a big concert and had a blast. The next day I get a text from Barbara, a woman in the group who organizes all the outings, and she was asking me if it was okay to give my number to "McCreepy" because he had some legal questions about mediation. So I told her it was okay. The next day I get a call from "McCreepy" and it was an extremely awkward message on my voicemail. I called him back to see what questions he had but he said he had to apologize to me first. He said the he got my phone number by lying to Barbara. He really just wanted to know if I wanted to go out for coffee sometime or a bite to eat. (First of all, this guy is 17 years older than me, fat and has a very angry NOT my type!!) I told him that "I'm still married and so I don't date. Even if I was divorced I'm still NOT dating since I'm not ready for that yet." He seemed to understand since I told him that I'll only do coffee/dinner in a group setting.

The NEXT day I get a text from him saying "Hey pretty lady...How was your day?" UGH!!! I felt so icky in my skin!!!! I told him I was busy with my kids and then he texted me back asking if I had any free time on my calendar to meet up?!?! Seriously???? So I never said anything back to him. The next day I get a phone call and voice mail from him saying "I never heard back from you or anything. If its not okay for me to text/call you just let me know, I'm a big boy blah blah blah" AGAIN I'm puking in my mouth here!! So I waited a few hours and sent him a very long winded text mesg. Basically it was "You make me feel uncomfortable, I don't want any dating or intimate friendship with ANY man! I don't trust men for good reason." I get a text back saying "Well, maybe I can be the man you trust, Let me know if you change your mind" 

A week ago I found out that not only is this guy stupid and can't accept what I'm saying...Nope, he's a freaking criminal too!! He's been arrested 4 times in less than 10 years!! The most recent being Jan. 29, 2009 for domestic violence AND battery...the vicitim was not his wife!! And it was a second offense! The other two charges were for grand theft via forgery! So he basically stole someone's checks or credit card to steal their money. Wonderful.

I would insert an image of said creepster but since this blog is public I'm NOT doing that.  One of the hardest things about this situation besides the obvious is that this guy is a brand new Christian...when I say brand new I mean today I think he is a two or three week old Christian.  So I'm trying to be nice because I don't want to send him away from the church if he is in fact making a change but at the same time I spend 90% of my time alone with my kids and I need to protect them and myself. 

Hmmmm, is it difficult to get a gun permit?


Lauren said...
January 27, 2010 at 3:29 PM

That story just makes me shudder! Ugh!

Morgan said...
January 28, 2010 at 7:40 AM

Whoa! Definitely creepy!

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