Where it all began...

I've come to realize that I can't give you all accurate blog updates without first giving you the back story albeit an abbreviated version and trust me you'll thank me for it since you won't want to sit through all the details.

Let's rewind to mid-September and I got quite the surprise. Those two little lines that mean your life is about to take a major turn although I didn't realize that a baby would be the easiest of the coming changes, minus horrific morning sickness of course. I waited a few days, maybe a week, before telling Matt so I could go to the doctor since I had an IUD. After telling Matt is when many problems surfaced that I was unaware of, he had been unhappy for quite sometime and never thought to inform me. Fast forward a few weeks is when I found out about "her". I won't dwell on "her" since its just going to bring out an ugly side of me that I'd rather not let out right now. Just before Thanksgiving I met with an attorney and filed for divorce since he was completely against trying to work things out and there was another "person" (term used VERY loosely) in the picture. I asked him to leave my house and he found a new place and was out by December 1st. This has been the living situation since then. I put all the divorce paperwork on hold until the baby was born holding out hope that things could work out. Meanwhile, I had grown pretty accustomed to the single mom life and I was rocking it out as best I could with the love and support of my incredible family and friends. Currently things are moving forward the way they should and NOW is when he wants to try and work things out but on his terms of course.

Now this was a very short version of a horribly long story. If I let it you in on all the details you'd hate my husband and then not be able to see the big picture of the coming update, plus I don't want anything in print that my kids would ever be able to see...they think Daddy is Superman and I intend to keep it that way. To be perfectly honest though I will say that he was the jerk of all jerks and a sucky husband through my entire pregnancy. He was loved by few and hated by many. Not to say that he's fantastic right now or has even made things right between us with explanations, apologies or accountability for his choices but we are still married and I need to think of all aspects of our marriage.

This seems to a good enough stopping point for now. A new update will be coming soon about all of this lovely drama that has now become my life. Until the newest update comes I will post a little Kylan update since he's much more fun to write about and I'll include some pictures for all to Oooh and Aaah over him because I just know you want to...who wouldn't love to see and hear about the most awesome baby in the world?


Steph said...
July 25, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Eh... I'll be nice and keep my thoughts and opinions on Matt to myself. For now at least. ;) But you know I love ya and am immensely proud of you!

I can't wait for the Kylan update! :D

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