5 Months Old (yesterday)

I just can't believe how fast the time is going by.  Seems like only yesterday I was timing my contractions and now Kylan has become his own little person with the sweetest disposition and silly personality.  I could go on and on how much I adore this kiddo!
For now, he's still only rolling over when he feels like it but prefers it when you just give him that extra little push.

He's not too fond of his swing anymore he tries to roll out the side, thank goodness for seat belts.

He's started regressing in how well he sleeps at night time and wants to wake up for an extra feeding so I've decided to try him out on some solids.  He's not great with the spoon so I've tried to give it to him in  a bottle from now on at bed time for a "dinner bottle".

sweet potato face, isn't he cute?

I have noticed that he doesn't seem to like the exersaucer very much but he LOVES the jumperoo.

(insert adorable jumperoo picture here)

That's where Kylan's life is at this point.  He is attempting to get his fat belly off the floor now with little to no success but it sure is fun to watch.  He's nowhere close to sitting up unassisted or truly being mobile.  He's just loving life laying around and being fully entertained by me the brothers. 


Isis said...
October 31, 2009 at 9:01 PM

He is so cute.I just wanna give him a kisss :p


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