I've been trying not to do any giveaway blogs anymore because I think they are a bit of a waste of time and space here.  Although this one yes this is another one I'm hoping to be able to show some good before and after shots.  First, I'll introduce you to Hazelaid that my friend Lauren told me about since she knows that Kylan suffers from eczema just like her little boy.  Its a special necklace made from hazelwood and it apparently helps in reducing your body's acidity which in turn will help to ease a ton of health issues.  I would give you the list of them but you can read about it all on their sites and see the necklaces also.  I'm hoping to win one from this giveaway since I know for a fact that I'll have to get at least two of them, Kylan and Landon are the ones suffering right now, and winning one would make it that much easier for me.  So this is my plug for not only hazelaid but also to follow Lauren's blog if you're at all interested in hearing about some great new products for you or your baby.


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