11 Months...


Kylan is now 11 months old and its seems like its flying by. 

He can crawl, finally, using the traditional form but he prefers an "inch-worm" technique...just picture Michael Phelps trying to do the breast stroke on land. 

He eats pretty much anything you put in front of him as long as its not baby food.

He's pulling up to his knees, sometimes to full standing but I'm NOT encouraging it at all.

His crib has been completely lowered because he decided that it would be a fun idea to attempt to jump out of the side...he succeeded in scaring the bejesus out of me and himself.  He's safe and sound in his baby cage now.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures since my camera battery is dead but here is one courtesy of my friend David this past weekend.  It pretty much shows off all his sweetness.

Yes, that is chocolate frosting you see on his face...he LOVED it, especially when it was paired with a glazed donut!


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