Getting to the truth

So I pick Brayden up from school and we have the usual conversation. "How was school?" "Good." "What did you learn?" "I don't know." etc. Well Brayden informs me that he doesn't like his teacher. I thought I was playing 20 questions getting to the root of the problem. Here's how the talk went.

M- Why don't you like your teacher?
B- I don't know.
M- Isn't she nice?
B- Yeah, she's nice...but I don't like her.
M- Isn't she pretty?
B- Yep she's pretty, but I don't like her.
M- Isn't she fun?
B- Yeah she's fun...but I still don't like her.
B- Miss Dianna is mean!
M- Why is Miss Dianna mean? What happened?
B- She put me in timeout.

(finally the truth starts to come out...)

M- Well, why did you go to time out?
B- Because I made a mess.
M- Why did you make a mess? Mess with what?
B- I made a mess playing with the toys.
M- Well why did you get a time out for playing with the toys?
B- Well (long pause) because is wasn't play time. :(
B- But I wasn't by myself in time out, Landon was with me....but we weren't allowed to talk.

(I'm trying not to crack up at this point)

M- So what did you learn from this then?
B- Obey the first time, and only play at play time.

Oh my, oh my. If this is how everyday is going to be just shoot me now. Atleast he's been lining up with his class and walking in with no problems for the last two days so that is a great improvement.


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