God is so good!

Obviously everyone has been affected by the decline in the nation's economy and we're not different. I've felt more and more over the last few months that I need to try and help Matt by contributing to the income but of course its difficult with the boys and his schedule.
An opportunity had come up to care for a friend's little girl two days a week that sounded fantastic and would help to supplement the income I was losing from the church. Unfortunately it fell through a few weeks ago which left me right back at square one. I looked into several different options and faxed my resume to different companies hoping for a bite.
On Monday night I was really wondering if I was following God's will or not since every door I came to seemed to be closing so of course I was searching for that window that He was going to open. I came home from work at the church to an email in my junk folder from a woman at church needing childcare. My jaw hit the floor as I realized that only God could've made this happen. Its the perfect opportunity to care for a little boy the same age as Landon and to top it off they're already friends and I've been his teacher for the last several months at church!
After talking with his mom and working out some details it seemed like the perfect match so it just came to prayer and waiting to see if this was going to be the best situation. I was hoping God wasn't giving me the "pump-fake", assuming God is a football fan, since it just had God's fingerprints all over it. And I talked to the Mom last night and ironed out all the last details to bring this little boy to our home during the day so she can work. I just know that this is going to be a great match for my boys!


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