Brayden and Landon both had birthdays recently...some more recent than others (sorry B). I can't believe how fast the time is passing. My "babies" have turned 5 and 3!! How did this happen? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was bringing them home from the hospital? And to think that one of these days it'll be Kylan who's getting so makes my heartache to see them growing up although I can't wait for the next stages.

Brayden's birthday was shared (at Easter time *blush*) with Presley and Tyce. We all had a blast and B was so excited to spend time with the whole family...oh and he liked the Star Wars toys too. Landon shared his birthday with McKenna and we all had a blast at the pool. Its so great to just have family parties and relax in the water and sun. Not that 8 kids isn't a party all in itself, I couldn't imagine trying to throw one even bigger for family AND friends! Sorry friends and other side of the family we just went the simple route this year.
Brayden's birthday cake.

Brayden showing off his Star Wars toys.

Brayden and his favorite cousin Cade.
Landon with cake face, he's so funny!

Cake time!!


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