I'm beginning to understand where Matt gets his "buy a present to fix problems" mentality. I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but if you never acknowledge an issue and resolve it how can things ever change? I'm to the point where I can't make Matt understand and have chalked it up to a male brain block of some sort. Unfortunately I've found the source of this ongoing problem.

For as long as I can remember I've been the "black sheep Baptist" as far as my MIL was concerned. I don't go to her church and I stand up for my faith so that somehow translates into me being bad person who's headed straight to hell, thank God I know better than that. I've forever gotten snide remarks and hate mail sent to Matt from the MIL, she abrasive and cold but she loves her grandchildren so I've always overlooked it. I won't go into specifics for why the MIL gets under my skin other than her trying to play mom and questioning my parenting and discipline choices when I'm RIGHT THERE and then I have to pull out the wench card and actually BE the mom. Instead of recognizing that you're out of line and apologizing I get a surprise visit with gifts for all the boys. Two new Nintendo DS games for Brayden, an annoying singing truck thing for Landon, and the Baby Neptune Play mat for Kylan!! She easily spent over $100, like I said I'm not going to refuse presents for my kids, especially not a kick butt activity mat that I love, but a simple "Sorry" would have been fine too.

Hello, Matt? I'm still waiting for you to take ownership of your choices and make them right. I do enjoy an awesome sushi dinner and laughing at the people while we go redneck bowling but I'd prefer a quiet night of talking...and maybe some take home sushi.


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