Reason #286 to Stop Breastfeeding

The day started off perfect. My kids were happy and playing mostly great together. Of course that dreaded part of the day when everyone wants to eat at the same time rolls around. No problem, Kylan can fuss a couple minutes and then I can quickly set the big kids up with lunch. To make it even easier I decided to go the leftovers route. Everyone is seated with food, drinks napkins and anything else that may be needed. Time to give Kylan his much desired attention and food. Only about 15 minutes pass and I hear the uncontrollable giggling coming from the kitchen...I begin to beg Kylan to rush up his nursing session so I can asess the damages.

This is what I was left with. If you can't tell right off the bat what it is, its RICE! Hundreds of grains of rice covering my kitchen. It was a real treat cleaning all that up. Just to ease your mind, I don't just feed my children rice at meal times. I don't run a prison camp here although they may tell you otherwise. They ate all the meat and veggies and left the rice. I don't blame them really but I could've done without it covering my entire kitchen.


Steph said...
August 18, 2009 at 9:52 AM

I swear that that looks like my kitchen every day after a meal, no matter whether I'm in there or not. LOL Alex is convinced that it's ok to throw his food and no amount of disciplining him will stop it. I'm at the point that as soon as he throws his first fist full of food, I set him on the floor and he doesn't get to eat anything else until his next meal. I'm so tired of cleaning up food off my floor! One of the reasons I allowed Chris to get a dog. ;)

mommaruth said...
August 18, 2009 at 10:23 AM

UN-FUN! Rice is such a pain in the @$$ to clean up - I can't imagine having THAT much rice everywhere!!! Poor momma :(

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