Mini-Rant...excuse the vent

I wish I could get inside a man's head for just ONE day. Not just any man's head of course but my darling husband. I would settle for a small glimpse at this point. What makes it so hard for you to pay a compliment?!?! In my mind if you make it a point to tell me that you want me to take more pride in my appearance, which is another issue altogether, then you should at the very least take notice of my appearance and paying me a stinking compliment. I'm not asking to be showered with unnecessary flattery just for an ego boost but a simple "you look pretty" would suffice. FYI: If I make it a point to look nice then the first thing out of your mouth should never be "Your shoes make me feel short." And when you're trying to get back into my good graces don't act like I'm a sure thing and that a chase isn't in order...mistakes were made and trust is gone the road to recovery will be long and difficult. Cancer can't be cured with a band aid and our marriage is not any different.

P.S. I'm not impressed that you're getting a vasectomy, that's not foreplay and it will not get you anywhere near my bed. Okay?


Lauren said...
August 6, 2009 at 8:15 AM

I am sorry for laughing as a read this but M seriously needs someone to hand him a clue! I hope he figures it out. I am praying for you guys!

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