Brayden started school this week. Yes, my "baby" is now in kindergarten. I'm torn between crying and shouting out in joy. He has been so excited to start ever since VPK let out in June. He's now attending Denham Oaks Elementary School and is part of the Blazing Dragons team. He has two teachers, one is about to have a baby and start maternity leave and so he's with the substitute until January. He's loved every minute of it so far and even conveniently forgot his lunch box one day so he could buy his lunch the next day. We've been practicing everyday how to get to his classroom so hopefully next week he can walk by himself from the drop off/pick up area. He's a little nervous to try it alone but I'm sure he can do it. *gulp* The best part, for me, of him being in school all day is that I'm getting a chance to miss him. I get very excited come 3 o'clock when its time to start getting the little boys ready to pick him up. Brayden always has a huge grin on his face when he sees its his turn to go home. Hearing the stories of his day and all the excitement, it never gets old.
Posing with his new gear.

He's picked his new 'do for school. He LOVES his mohawk.

Sitting at his desk. He picked the one that faces the board and teacher so he could see better. I like it so the teacher can tell when he's talking and not working.


Steph said...
August 31, 2009 at 10:03 AM

Awwwwww ... He looks so big and grownup! I hope he is having fun still!

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