Giveaway #2!!

The Cloth Diaper Report posted their 2nd giveaway of the weekend. I couldn't be more thrilled about the Wahmies Pail Liner since I have yet to use one. My dipes go through a large zippered wetbag and medium bag rotation until its wash day and its been working so far but I would LOVE to have it all done in one easy roatation.

CLICK HERE for all the details!


HappilyDomestic said...
September 10, 2009 at 1:08 AM

Hi there! Saw that you entered to win the Whamies pail liner at the Cloth Diaper Report. If you want to try and win a Planet Wise liner, I have a giveaway for one at my blog right now. Ends 9/23
here is the link:

Hope you enjoy my blog as well. :-)

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